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Commander’s Call

     I wrote last month’s Commander’s Call prior to the Home Association meeting where members voted for board officers of the Home Association. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our new board officers. Those who stepped up to the plate to volunteer their time are: President - Bob Stoodt, Vice President - Frank Caputo, Treasurer - Bill Weikel and Secretary - Ed Harmon. The next time you see these folks at the Post, please thank them taking an interest in the future of our Post. I would also like to thank Russ Wilson, past Home Association President, for volunteering to stay in office until we completed the voting, even though his term of President was up in February 2017. Great job guys!

     The second item I would like to discuss is a review of our successful Lent-at-the-Legion that ended in April. This year’s Lent-at-the-Legion topped our last year’s event. Thanks has to go out to everyone who made this possible. Part of our success this year was taking the lessons learned from last year and making adjustments as needed. In 2016, we got off to a slow start. We didn’t know how to gauge whether we would receive public support. We also didn’t advertise well until the Fish Frys were almost over. Two years ago, nay-sayers told me, “Fish does not sell here.” and “We tried it before and it did not work.” I then made a command decision to try it and as they say, the rest is history. We had tremendous support from our surrounding communities. Folks flooded the Post for meals. We didn’t prepare for the crowds we received and we ran out of fish the first few weeks hours before the fi sh fry was over. I, too, planned to have dinner on Friday during Lent, but was told we were out of fish and it was only 7 PM. Looking back, I also need to thank all who volunteered when I made the suggestion to have Lent at the Legion last year. I shared our story at a district meeting and they now use this example to educate new commanders to never give up when you have an idea. I raised the bar high in 2016 and this year it was raised even higher. I challenge everyone to roll up his or her sleeves and make 2018 even more successful than this year. Again, a personal thank you to all who volunteered in order to prove to everyone that I made the right call. Thank you again for your support.

     I now need to shift gears to our past Easter Egg Breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt. I do not know where to start as the event was so successful. We had plenty of volunteers and everyone left with smiles on their faces. Gary Hartman and the Sons of the Legion were outstanding. The Sons made their famous “bunny pancakes” along with numerous side dishes. After everyone completed his or her meal, volunteers conducted an Easter raffle for the children. This would have been enough in itself, but then there was an awesome, super-organized Easter Egg Hunt. Gary Hartman, Commander of the Sons, and his members and volunteers never disappoint our Legion. They constantly strive to exceed the last event they had. Hats go off to them! I want to thank this year’s Easter Bunny, Jewel Denne. She did an excellent job!

     I want to inform everyone that we will be conducting the voting for legion commander and if a current officer is voted in as commander, we will be voting for that officer’s position as well. One final call - anyone who is interested in becoming a Legion officer needs to contact our Judge Advocate, Nick Krawec now. He can be reached by calling 412- 877-1629. Nick is in charge of the Nominating Committee. Voting will take place at the June Meeting.

     In closing, from time-to-time I hear grumbling that other folks feel they could do a better job leading the Post into the future. For those who believe that they can do a better job, my recommendation is for these folks to do less talking about this at the bar and step up and do the right thing. Now would be the time to exchange your bar stool for the commander’s chair. We need good people to lead Post 712.

     I will be missing my first Legion meeting on Monday since I started my rein as commander. I am scheduled for surgery at Jefferson Hospital bright and early Monday morning. I want to thank all those who have surrounded me with their support. The tremendous success our Legion achieved over the years could not have been done without your dedication.

As always we continue to support our troops.

Richard J. Wojnar








"Opinions expressed herein are those of the editor or columnist, and are not necessarily those of the National, Department, District or the American Legion Post."






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