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Commanderís Call

     While opening this monthís Commanders Call I want to pass along my most sincere thanks to Frank Caputo, 1st Vice Commander, for taking the reins and guiding the post in my absence. Frank is doing an out-standing job and he is currently planning a host of future events, which I am sure will be successful. I also want to pass along how much I deeply appreciated all of you who called me, texted me, and stayed in touch via numerous emails With well wishes regarding my recovery. After numerous tests, I received the news yesterday that all the tests came back showing outstanding results. I am currently on light duty for a few more weeks, but I am exceptionally happy that just about every test was performed (with most of them only as a faint memory now) and even more important receiving the most positive results from all of them.

     This monthís Commanders Call will be brief as I missed the last Legion meeting and am getting caught up to speed as we speak. Next monthís regularly scheduled Legion meeting will be very important as the vote for the new Commander will be cast. The position of Commander requires more attention and skills than just to oversee our Post activities. He or she must always maintain the highest degree of completion and excellence regarding achieving the national Legionís requirements. All district Legion Posts are represented at all the quarterly district meetings and all Posts are constantly evaluated and compared to other Posts regarding their membership drives, community involvement activities, etc. Getting enough volunteers to make events and activities successful to keep the Post moving forward to strive to be fiscally responsible is crucial to the bottom line of keeping the doors open for all of our members. Equally important is our need to satisfy our Legion charter requirements. As I have said many times, without the Legion none of us will be here.

     Ok, I will step down from the soap box. Thanks again to Frank for keeping the fires burning!

As always we continue to support our troops.

Richard J. Wojnar








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